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The lounge suite has been a family fixture for many years. Passed down through three generations. Originally built solid with the finest fabrics available. It's now time though to restore it.

Is it feasible?

For many people there is often the question as to whether a favourite sofa or lounge suite can be restored. Often the original springs have lost tension, the webbing has stretched and the fabric is either worn, stained or both. The timber framing can be damaged or attacked by insects.

The Decision

Sulfaro Furniture’s craftsmen are experienced and have real expertise in determining whether a piece of furniture is worthy of saving. In many cases it will prove far more expensive to restore a piece than it will to purchase a newer item in a similar style. Sulfaro’s team will advise customers on their best course of action.

The Restoration

In the case of genuine antiques and period pieces, in most cases there is simply no need for discussion. A genuine French Provincial Chaise Lounge, Chesterfield Leather Sofa or similar item deserves restoration, with care and traditional expertise.

Items are stripped back to the original base – timber, webbing, springs and stuffing (horsehair, feathers, foam). The framing is assessed and when either passed as acceptable or marked to be refurbished, the restoration begins. Sulfaro meticulously utilise the correct materials and restore the item of furniture utilising the age-old traditional methods of the upholsterers, seamstresses and furniture makers of the past. It is a full restoration in the true sense of the word.

Sulfaro invites you to either email photographs of the piece/s requiring restoration or make an appointment for a full inspection at our factory (Charges may apply – Pickup, Delivery, Inspection). Generally our craftsmen and artisans can assess a piece initially from a photograph.

The reward is a faithfully and traditionally restored furniture piece. Restoration adds real value to genuine antiques or period piece furniture. Sulfaro ensure a professional, hand crafted finish, bringing your treasured family heirloom back to life for many years to come.