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Sulfaro Furniture – Made in Australia

Santo and Amelia Sulfaro welcome you to Sulfaro Furniture

The Sulfaro Furniture Studio and Workshop is located in Melbourne. All Sulfaro Furniture is fully handcrafted and completed at the company workshop. It is a major component of the Sulfaro Showrooms complex located in the Eastern Suburbs.

Much of the furniture currently on sale in Australia is imported. Low end quality upholstered furniture is shipped in from various Asian and third world locations. High end quality furniture is imported from Europe – Italy, Germany, Scandinavia and elsewhere, with import and transportation costs greatly adding to retail prices.

Australian Made Furniture is Superior

For customers there are real advantages in purchasing here from European trained artisans located within Australia. Why? It’s simple – you have real quality control, and a realistic guarantee on all workmanship. The craftsmen and artisans who have built your sofa or lounge suite are there to maintain it in premium condition – no third parties who are required to learn about the piece on the job, so to speak. All Sulfaro workmanship is covered by a lifetime guarantee.

Hand Crafted, Hand Built in Melbourne

All Sulfaro Furniture is built and crafted by skilled, trained artisans here in Melbourne at our Mitcham Studio and Workshop.

Each Sofa, Armchair, Occasional Chair, Dining Chair and Ottoman are literally handcrafted from scratch. This is not an assembly process or manufacturing unit dependent on robotics. This is genuine craftsmanship, with each piece of furniture being lovingly created individually, by hand.

Australian made furniture by Sulfaro

The Sulfaro Experience

Sulfaro customers have the opportunity to select a Sofa or Armchair style, in fact any upholstered furniture featured in the Sulfaro Furniture Collection, then with our Design staff, led by Amelia Sulfaro, choose the fabrics or leather, the cushioning, the piping, castors or feet and much more. Size is flexible and dependent upon your needs, whether it’s a two seater or a full expanded corner unit, you can decide.

Bringing Your Vision to Life – The Sulfaro Studio Workshop

Your selected design is then submitted to the Studio to create the templates required. Santo Sulfaro, the workshop and studio manager supervises the creation of the framing (using selected Australian F7 Hardwood), backing, seat cushioning, steel springs and accessories. Using the latest in modern equipment your new furniture is lovingly crafted by the Sulfaro team. Australian made? 100%

Studio and Workshop Visits

Customers are welcome to make a time and view our modern studio and workshop. Sulfaro have a brilliant collection of fabrics and leathers from the world’s leading suppliers available for viewing as well.

Australian Made, Custom Designed

No need to settle for a mass produced, factory manufactured Lounge Suite. Take the opportunity to select and develop the traditionally upholstered furniture, with the very best in European Design and Italian Styling you’ve always desired – the Sulfaro experience.

"Handcrafted, hand built, Australian made – it’s a Sulfaro, it’s simply the best."